MAX BR1 Mini - two power sources (barrel and POE) - any preference?

We use MAX BR1 Minis for some (very) off-site locations. One of them has two possible power sources, one a 24V15W passive POE and the other a regular wall wort barrel connector. Both power sources suffer occasional voltage drops.


  • Given a choice of sources, any obvious reason to pick one over the other?

  • May they both be connected at the same time? If so, where (or how) does the Mini determine where to draw the power from, and in the case of a voltage drop at one source, how is that handled (assuming the other source voltage does not drop)?

Thoughts (and knowledge) would be much appreciated.


Hi Z. We have a bunch of them out there configured with two power sources. No problem at all. If the power sags on one input but remains normal/high on the other the device will not see the the sag. Just a little bit extra “insurance.”