MAX-BR1-Mini sim fail over

running code 7.01
have ATT and VZ sims.
when moving the device from location to location the sim will not fail over.
we have it set to no preference

There is no wan or wifi WAN option

is there a way to get it to connect to the best signal when it 1st boots up


When moving from location to location, does the cellular signal of the active SIM-card sometimes completely drop?
Or does the unit keep 3G connectivity?
If the latter is the case, you could try putting the cellular settings on LTE only.
This will simulate a WAN outage when there’s no LTE signal and trigger a failover.
When the MAX BR1 Mini keeps a signal at all times, there is no WAN outage, which means no failover will be triggered.

Another option would be to use multi-operator roaming SIM-cards.
These SIM-cards connect to multiple cellular operators and switch from operator to operator based on signal quality.
The company I work for supplies these, a lot of river cruisers and broadcasters use our SIM-cards.
Our SIM-cards work in 192 countries, on 728 networks.