Max BR1 Mini Port Forward Issues

We have a few Pepwave Max BR1 Mini devices in the field. They have been installed for a while now and working. A different integrator performed the initial installation. We are now going around and replacing the SIM’s which have a public static IP to a SIM with a private IP. Everything has worked on most of the devices except for two of them now. After installing new SIM, we cannot access any devices that are configured in the port forward commands on a couple devices. I am running Firmware 8.0.1 on the devices we are having issues with. We have tried defaulting back to factory defaults and rebuild the config with same issue.


You mentioned you are replacing the SIM’s which have a public static IP to a SIM with a private IP. May i know how you accessing the devices if no public IP address available ? You have more info for this ?

Yes we have a VM setup that has a tunnel to our private APN from our cellular carrier. The VM has access to the private network. Majority of the SIM swaps we did not have any issues. I believe we have found the issue in devices that had the latest firmware of 8.0.0 or greater. I tested this theory by downgrading the firmware in one of the units that is in question but I still have the same result. From our VM, I am able to access the web configuration of the unit without any problems. I just cannot connect to any devices that are downstream with port forward commands. I have also tried to telnet to the ports configured in the commands and have no success. We have even enabled the SSH and attempted to make a SSH connection with no luck.


Do you see the problem in the latest firmware 8.1.0 ? If yes, please open a ticket for support team to check.

I have already opened a ticket and awaiting reply. However, I do not believe it resides in firmware 8.1.0. I downgraded the firmware in one of the units we have the issue with down to 7.1.2. That is the same firmware in other units we had no issues with. The problem still persist even when downgrading the firmware.
I was curious if it was possible that the previous integrator could have implemented some restrictions on these devices through InControl?
I do not see any firewall restrictions in the web configuration of the device. I did default the unit to hopefully get rid of any restrictions that may have been configured and still no luck.

Desperately need some feedback from a Peplink rep. I have still not heard anything from Peplink on the ticket I opened. We have not been impressed with the customer support so far.

I was able to do a little more testing and it seems it is something with firmware. All of the units we are having the issue with has a firmware of 7.1.0 or greater. On one of the units that initially had a firmware of 8.0.1, I was able to downgrade the firmware to 7.0.0 which is the same firmware on other units we do not have issues with. Once I downgraded the firmware, everything worked as it should.

I tried the downgrade the firmware on the other units but when I install a firmware of anything below 7.1.0, I get a error message on the dashboard saying “unable to detect physical device” in the WAN section. So seems the older firmware may not be compatible with these units. Once I upgrade the firmware back to greater than 7.1.0, it detects the modem and establishes a connection; however; the port forwarding does not work.

I saw the technical support engineer is following with you. He is at a different timezone. You may tell the support engineer if you need support from the same timezone.