Is there a User/Harware Manual for the BR1 that mention specifically the BR1 LTEA?

Nope. what do you want to know?

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Or rather yes page 31

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We are starting the process to obtain the “NOM”, or Mexican Homologation certification for the BR1. And the Government test labs, is requesting a user or hardware manual, from the vendor, where it illustrates the LTE and LTEA option or each one characteristics.

Page 29 shows LTE version

Page 31 shows LTE-A Version

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Are You. Telling mi that the BR1 MK2 is the BR1 mini LTE-A?


I’m saying the BR1 MK2 is the LTE-A version of the BR1 because your original post said:

First time you’ve mentioned the BR1 Mini - which is obviously a completely different model. The BR1 mini look exactly the same if its the LTE version or the LTE-A version (pg 35):

It does have a different ordering code if you pick the LTE-A version though. Typically in homogenization processes they will accept separate model numbers combined with the more generic user guide / manual.

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