Max BR1 Mini LTE no longer connects to Verizon

Hi -

This device has been very reliable for 4 years. All of a sudden it won’t connect via LTE, and instead only gets 2G and struggles to get an IP address. I called VZ tech support and they said there are known software issues with this device. Not sure I believe that. They are sending a VZ LTE network extender for free, but that is not the same thing and requires a broadband connection. How do I get my Mini LTE working again. Running 7.0.3. Oh and the device used to be accurately listed even with a picture in the My Verizon app. Now it just lists the phone number and says it is ready for an upgrade…Thanks!

7.0.3 is ancient. upgrade the firmware and cellular radio firmware for starters… report back with what version you are on after updating.

Will do. Thanks.