Max BR1 Mini - AT&T line

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I have a BR1 mini that we are trying to get the SIM card activated in. It is currently set as a “feature phone” with AT&T, but they are asking if it should be a “LaptopConnect LTE” - I would be inclined to think that this is a better option, since we are reaching out to establish a connection to a balance 380, and as far as these devices are concerned, they don’t care if they are transmitting a phone call, they are going to do so through a cellular link once the SIM card is activated.

Is my assumption here correct? The end result will be a phone call transmitted through the BR1 to the Balance 380, but in essence we aren’t making a phone call through these, correct?

No phone call is being made by the device and it is not a feature phone. Thanks

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Thank you for confirming, I appreciate the response.

I dont think a phone SIM will work. You need a SIM on a data plan.