I wanted to know if anyone knew if the MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T was compatible with any other carrier located in the US? I was reading in the knowledge base about redundant SIM cards and saw option #2, which sparked the question.

  1. Installing SIMs from two carriers
    If the signal from one carrier fails, the device can automatically connect to an alternate carrier using the second installed SIM.
  2. Installing two SIMs with independent monthly data allowances (Coming Soon
    )If the cellular account associated with one installed SIM reaches its data allowance, the device can automatically switch to a second installed SIM associated with a separate data plan, helping you avoid expensive data overages.


The MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T is only compatible with Verizon here in the US. The 2nd SIM card could be used for failover in case the first SIM fails for some reason, or you could rollover if the monthly data allowance is reached.