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I am looking to see if I can hook up our weBoost Home 4G booster to my Pepwave as we go to areas that have little to no cell service where we have to stream a show in 720p. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Never connect a booster to a cellular modem.
The gain of an amplifier/booster is way higher than what a cellular modem can handle.
You could also potentially burn out the embedded cellular modem, thus destroying the Pepwave.

I would suggest using high-gain cellular antennas.
Take a look at this forum post:



What about a Wilson Signal 4G Direct Connect Amplofoer for M2M would that be able to connect directly into my Pepwave BR1-LTE?

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You’ve recommended the Wilson weBoost Signal 4G Direct Connect Amplifier before, but that product seems to be discontinued, based on the website of WilsonAmplifiers.

I seems that it has recieved an updated model.
Can you confirm that this updated model is also suited for use in combination with a Pepwave router?

I have tested the Clear RF one and confirm it works well:

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Hello @Jasonmurraynhrda,
We highly discourage the use of any inline cellular boosters/repeater/amplifiers, both @Joey_van_der_Gaag & myself have written previously on this within the forum. In Australia all cellular boosters/amplifiers are banned for very good reason, there is only one approved repeater brand in Australia (and many other parts of the world) though it dose not physically connect to your modems (this has been cover in many places previously).

There is an article in the Peplink Partner section of this forum going into extensive details on antenna selection, please ask you local Peplink Partner to send you a PDF copy and work through it with you, this is by far the better option than using any manufactures booster, you risk seriously damaging you modem (and warranty does not cover that damage) using these inline boosters as well as causing RF interference to the carriers network (in Australia fines start at $173,000 for individuals & over $200,000 for business).

If you are stuck with poor signal, ask Peplink to put you in touch with a Peplink Parter that has an RF/Antenna expert on the team.
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Absolutely no reason you can’t use a Peplink Max with a Wilson repeater regardless of previous posts on the subject provided it is done correctly. I have numerous systems deployed this way.

  • Do not direct connect the two devices, in fact you don’t even want them right next to each other

  • Use ONLY an FCC type accepted repeater, such as any of the Wilson products since they are sold as a system (outside antenna, inside antenna, amplifier and cables)

  • As part of the type acceptance, the repeater needs to demonstrate dynamic operation with the cell site. What this means is that if the repeater is overloading the cell site then it will be instructed to reduce TX gain or shut down completely

  • Having said the above, KISS is always preferable so try more static gain first with a directional antenna(s)

  • To see what is possible, read this thread: Extreme range BR1

  • To improve the gain further with two antennas, angle the antennas from front to back to maintain .5 wavelength

  • Of course, low loss cable is required and LMR400 is good to 50’