MAX-BR1-LTE-US-T Failover

I have a partner that provided the following feature request input:

“Now that the Max BR1 supports multiple carriers, it would be great if each SIM was a separate WAN/Cellular connection rather than treating both SIM slots together as “Cellular”. As a result, failing over from one to the other is very slow. But, if each could be “hot” like the WAN connections and it was just “Cellular1” and “Cellular2,” then we could set the priority, have both active simultaneously and then if Cellular1 was unavailable, Cellular2 takes over and then as soon as Cellular1 is back, it immediately takes back over. As we explore Fleet Management, this would get to be a big deal as they often drive out of Verizon coverage but have AT&T but may want to go back to Verizon as primary as soon as it’s available. It seems like everything is there for this to work, I think it’s just a holdover from when the device only had 1 carrier. For fleet management, having both Cellular connections up with the PepVPN really gets this to be a solid solution to securely (and reliably) access corporate applications.”


For this scenario it would be more of a HD2 LTE device that can do this, with the added benefit of SpeedFusion as both connections can be bonded through the tunnel and used at the same time. Or if using in a active/passive mode, both connections would be “hot” and you can fail-over automatically between the two as you mentioned above.