MAX BR1-LTE-US Doesn't like Cold


We have 12 units in the field all mounted in various locations in the vehicle, the majority in the trunk of the vehicle.

I have at least one unit that seems to not like cold weather. We typically do not get temps that are all that low. this unit fails to connect to the LTE (VZW) network. This has happened when the temp is in the low to mid 30’s or below.

after the unit has been on for a couple of hours a restart will correct the issue.

The vendor that supports us suggested using a rugged SIM. I read the specs on both Regular and Rugged SIM cards. The temp here does not get above or below the Regular Specs; After much trouble i was able to find Rugged SIMS. I installed it in the unit yesterday and today still have the same issue.



I recommend to swap it out with a known working one from another vehicle. If the problem follows the device it should be replaced and if the problem stays with the vehicle more troubleshooting should be done. Thanks


As I do not have a spare unit, what vehicle trouble shooting would you recommend?


I would confirm it is getting similar signal strength/quality as another vehicle in the same vicinity, this would rule out any antenna issues. Is this physical installation way different from the other vehicles?

Please work with your vendor and they can open a support ticket with us so we can look at it closer. If it is a hardware issue then we will just replace it on an RMA.