MAX BR1 LTE IP55 powered by PoE switch


We are wondering if anyone has had any luck with powering an IP55 version of the MAX-BR1-LTE’s instead of the power injector ? We have tried a few different models we had around here with no luck. They are AF/AT and PoE+ with none of them having any luck. We tried with cisco 3750-48PS-E, dell 6248P, and poe plus HP J9146A , all of which have no luck powering the units. We are wondering if any one else has had luck powering these with a PoE switch, if its possible, and if so, what models they used to accomplish this?


Hi Taylor,

BR1 IP55 only support Passive POE input. Thus Passive POE injector is needed. You may find the info here.

Hi TK,

Thank you for the clarification.