MAX BR1 LTE does not detect Installed SIM cards

Hi there,
after 2 weeks of normal working. Max BR1 LTE, equipped with 2 Vodafone Italy SIM card, does not detect SIM card anymore. Dashboard reports “No device detected” for both SIM.

Trying to reboot 3 times but didn’t work. I had to manually remove power supply and re-plug again. This worked.
Today I have the same problem and I’m going to phisically restart the system.

Firmware version is 6.0.0 build 1197.

This is a VERY URGENT issue if confirmed.

Please let me know how to solve this.


We will need to take a look at the diagnostic report, please open a support ticket via our website:

ticket was already opened.

Ticket id is [Ticket #735424]

Attached to this ticket there is also diagnostic report.

I’m waiting for response.


Was there ever a solution to this problem?

A firmware update corrected the issue back in June of 2013.

Ok, thank you. How can I get a copy of that firmware to test it? I have 100 of the Max BR1 running 6.1.2s49 build 1771, 9 of them stop detecting SIM in either slot A or B after 7 months in service. The engineering team has been working on this since July 2014 and no solution yet maybe their not aware of this possible fix. Please note, I started having this problem before and after my current Firmware version.


Thank you for your patient. Our QA and engineering team are looking into your case seriously. We will revert asap.