MAX BR1 IPSec with Fortigate

Is there any incompatibility with Fortigate device to create IPSec VPN?
Because tunnel cannot be established and the event log in MAX BR1 do not have any information can provide for me to troubleshoot.

We support Cisco and Juniper officially. Others products we will help based on best effort basis.

  1. What is the WAN IP address on both units? Both are public IPs?

  2. Please provide the screenshots of IPSec VPN settings of both units.

Please open ticket if the requested info are sensitive.

Hi I’ve fixed this issue. Before that on the MAX BR1 side i tried to input the “Remote ID” for the tunnel but it didn’t accept. So i leave it blank.

Finally I found that the format of “Remote ID” has to be “abc@xyz” so i input this ID in both MAX BR1 and Fortigate.
And then the tunnel go UP

Hi bs_rick

I currently stuck doing IPsec VPN from peplink to fortigate, both sides using Static IP address. Do I still need to insert Remote ID for both Peplink and fortigate?. plus can the remote ID randomly create ?