Max BR1 IP67 Antenna Requirement?

I’ve searched high and low for pictures or data that would tell me if the device can accept external antenna(s). I’m sure the internal antenna(s), if they exist, make a noble effort but cannot be compared to purpose built high gain one(s)

I also looked high and low for the updated IP55 device here in the US and learned it is no longer offered here for some reason. If the IP67 device has no external antenna ports that means there is no direct solution South of $2800+?

Edit: Sorry for duplicating my request. I was unaware of the different forums and my previous reply to another thread did not show on the screen I was in.


Unfortunately the BR1 IP67 does not have any ability to use external antennas. I am a big believer in mounting PoE powered radios externally to avoid long, costly antenna runs. Peplink did consider such a device and seems to have gotten pretty far along with it. I believe they should release this device. I suspect you would like to see it released too. I’ve uploaded Peplink’s data sheet on the proposed device.
pepwave_MAX_BR1_IP67_rugged.pdf (644.9 KB)

Thanks for this.

Looks quite exactly what I had in mind. I see Verizon is holding up the cert process. I hope they release this soon.

I don’t know that to be the cause. I heard that Peplink did this for a big opportunity then for whatever reason didn’t release it. I’d love to have it available - many opportunities for it.