MAX BR1 IP55 - Verizon LTE support - availability

It seems that the BR1 LTE IP55 is close to an upgrade or renewal (not in stock at some US vendors).
When can we expect it (or something like it) to become available again, and will it support Verizon LTE? (I don’t worry about LTE-A in my neck of the woods).

Btw., what is the gain for the LTE IP55 built-in antennas?

The BR1 LTE IP55 model is not available for the North American market, only abroad. We are working on a new outdoor-rated BR1 IP67 model and hope to have this released around mid-Q4.

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I am looking forward to that.

I hope the price point will be similar to what I saw for the IP55 (quoted in US$ at some vendors).

I see the new BR1 models being launched - any update on when a new BR1 IP67 is likely to hit the market? Or even better, a BR2 IP67 (whcih is what we really need)?