MAX BR1 Idle disconnect option

Hi team:

I am using BR1 only with Cellular WAN available (WAN and WiFi WAN are disabled). I read into the manual that when Internet traffic is not detected within the user-specified timeframe, the modem will automatically disconnect. Once the traffic is resumed by the LAN host, the connection will be re-activated.

The question is, how can i validate or be sure that after time expires, modem is disconnected? This mean the modem will deactivate the PDP connection? can i validate disconnection mode on dashboard screen?

Figure1. cellular WAN as Priority1

Figure2. Idle disconnect mode set at 3 minutes and standby state as disconnect.

Regarding standby state this works only if cellular is not set as 1st priority right?

Thanks for help.


You can validate idle disconnection mode on Dashboard. Please find the attached below:-

Yes Standby State works only if cellular is not set as 1st priority.
Remain connected = Hot Standby. This allow fast convergence when failover.
Disconnected = Cold Standby. Need more times when failover.

Thanks for the info