Is a service plan required for this product to work it worked seamlessly for a year but now is disconnected. We have a Verizon sim card in the device and the Verizon SIM card works perfectly.

By “disconnected” do you mean from InControl?

If so then I expect you just need to renew your cover or add an IC2 sub licence, the unit will likely have come with the default 1yr of warranty / support and access to IC2 which has lapsed.

How do you renew the cover and what is the cheapest license you can buy. I can’t believe these guys don’t have a number you can call.
Thank you very much for your help

Again, assuming that is all you are meaning by “disconnected” is that it shows as offline in InControl, and assuming this is the problem (Ic2 normally warns when services are expiring/expired so being blunt I am surprised it would not be obvious, the messages are pretty overt and many warnings are displayed!) then you can renew the cover for your unit here - you’ll need the serial number of your router.

That is for 1 years use of Ic2 for a Max BR series device.

If you’re not 100% sure that is the problem an expired Ic2 licence then I’d open a support ticket with Peplink.