MAX_BR1_ENT Health Check not observing rules/time-outs

Occasionally, we get a notification that our Pepwave has disconnected/connected. This is becoming annoying. If we disable Health Check, of course, notifications cease.

Increased the time-out period to 10 seconds (MAX) Interval at 60 seconds and retries at 20. Recovery is set to 3 attempts.

If a bandwidth test ( is performed, within 10 seconds we get a disconnect/connect notification a few seconds apart. This can be repeated consistently.

What good are these settings if they do not follow the rules set forth? We have multiple WAN’s for failover and we can afford a very long time-out before we are notified and not be bothered by these erroneous messages. Checking the support LAN/WAN/Cellular settings no errors are evident.

Also, it would be helpful if the time-out period can be set to longer than 10 seconds, like 30 or 60 seconds.

Firmware’s are up to date. Appears this is a bug.