Max BR1 Cell Resetting after 8.0.2

Cellular connection keeps going through reset after firmware upgrade to 8.0.2. WAN using hotspot still seems to be working fine. I’ve soft and hard rebooted. Anyone else having this issue? I no longer see a previous version on my firmware list. Is there any way to fallback to 7? Thanks.

Hi @Ray,

If the device does not show your old 7.x.x firmware on the device level in System > Reboot > Reboot System. Then you would need to manually install the older firmware.

You can find older firmwares in this link:

Also I would suggest to open up a new ticket. Our support team will help you with your issue.


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Yes have same issue with Balance 30 LTE 8.0.2 Build 3667 on all 4 units with this software same problem units keeps in messing the cellular and does not come out any more.

Hello @Ray & @chrisvandodewaard86,
It is possible that the internal cellular modems chipset needs updating. This is not part of the system firmware update and needs to be done separately.
To do this, login to the devices web admin via either the local LAN IP or via InControl2, change “\index.cgi” to “\support.cgi”, scroll down and click on the “Check for Update” under the “Cellular module firmware update” section. You should end up with something like this screen capture.

If the Current & Latest firmware are different, then run the manual update process and recheck if you are still having issues.

When we upgraded our customer’s systems previously, we had to do this manually for all our client’s systems. Good news is that since the release 2.8.2 of InControl2, you can initiate this for a fleet of devices from the “Device Management” menu for the group.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestions on resolving the issue I posted. After several weeks of Peplink engineers trying to resolve by signing in remotely, they decided to exchange the router so I no longer have access to try any of these options.

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