MAX-BR1-ADV - details



Trying to find some detail about exactly what this license offers, and whether it is applicable to the Max-BR1-MK2.

I read “Advanced Car-Fi Roaming; and SpeedFusion and IPsec X.509 Certificate Support”

Well, I understand the X509 bit. But what exactly are the other two, and what will the device not do/do without/with them.




Interested in more info as well


Thanks for the +1. Feeling rather forgotten here! It’s the advanced car-fi roaming I’m particularly interested in, and it’s relation to moving across/between LTE networks quickly and effectively.


Hi Dave, the X.509 certificate is pretty straightforward. For the “Advanced Car-Fi Roaming” it is a special algorithm we developed years’ ago and it pertains to Wi-Fi as a WAN. It is more or less designed for city-wide Wi-Fi networks that were once a thing back in the day.

When the algorithm is invoked the Wi-Fi chipset will do advanced background scanning always looking for the AP with the strongest signal and will quickly switch between AP’s on the fly. This insures it always stays connected to the strongest AP no matter how fast the vehicle is moving and works well up to like 100 MPH.

It has nothing to do with the cellular network, only Wi-Fi as WAN.

Hope this helps. Thanks


Thanks for the explanation Tim
Could we have this put on the website was Car-fi roaming does appear in web searches sbout Pepwave but there is no explanation about it.


i see infomation MAX-BR1-ADV

Now, can use it?


MAX-BR1-ADV is a feature add-on for BR1. You may order it from Peplink Store if you need it.


Hi Tim,

What is the result without the extra license? Will the MK2 not switch to an access point (different MAC address) with a stronger signal at all on the same SSID? What happens if the signal becomes very low/bad? What if there is no signal? At what point would it latch onto an access point with a better signal?

My use case is a MK2 using WiFi as WAN for 2.4 GHz and 5GHz simultaneously or one or the other (haven’t decided yet). Would connect to ‘Cablewifi’ SSID which is a SSID for internet hotspot that one can get through various internet providers.

Another question is there a connection list somewhere I can save other SSIDs? How would things work with and without this max-br1-adv license? I.e. would the MK2 automatically connect to any SSID in the connection list based on which has the best signal and switch between? Is there a way to set a signal threshold anywhere manually? I.e. if signal is below a certain amount do not even waste time trying to connect.

Thank you very much