MAX BR1 6.2.1 (Build 1757) stuck at Obtaining IP Address (Verizon)

I’ve used the Max BR1 for cellular service many times in the past. I recently upgraded to 6.2, but hadn’t tested the Cellular interface.

I imagine upgrading wiped out any settings, so it could be something I had set before (although I don’t remember setting anything).

My SIM is in Slot A, so I set the BR1 to Slot B and then back to Slot A. It complained about the SIM password, although to my knowledge there is no password set on my sim.

All my settings for the SIM in Slot A are set to Auto. I’ve tried LTE as well, etc.

Network Selection : Auto
LTE/3G : Auto
Authentication : Auto
Operator Settings : Auto

The APN is greyed out but shows as vzwinternet which also shows up as an option when I go googling for apn-settings.

what am I missing?


Hi Mark,

Normally the firmware upgrade will preserve the current settings.

If you are not running the latest firmware, you can obtain firmware 6.2.2 from this (

If the issue still persists, do open a support ticket, for our team to follow up your case.

Thanks and regards.