Max BR-1 GPS Forwarding - More than two servers

The Max BR-1 allows for GPS forwarding to up to two GPS servers over TCP or UDP. the interface will allow you to add additional lines to forward but the device gives the limit has been reached. It seems a little odd you can attempt to add more forwarding rules; however, they will not save.

We have to attach the GPS data to three separate software packages.


This request was filed and we will put onto the roadmap.

Thanks for the feature request.

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Has this feature been implemented or can you advise how long before it might be released

This has been implemented. Please try the latest firmware version.

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I do not see it in the release notes

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is there a utility to see if it is sending the data before I point fingers at the vendor that is supposed to receive it

You may do the Network Capture via http://<LAN IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi.

Or you can set up a simple Syslog server to verify the GPS data has been sent out by the MAX BR1.

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