MAX-700 and GPS functionality


Hello Forum,

I have a client that is looking at the MAX units for a fleet of buses. The best unit for their needs is the MAX-700. The only limitation of this device is that it does not offer GPS functionality like the HD2 and BR1. Does anyone have insight or a use case on how the best way to make the MAX-700 GPS compatible. Suggestions are welcomed. Thank you!

Mike Maitland
Frontier Computer


Ummm… integration is the biggest consideration here. If we are happy with an external GPS receiver and an external fleet tracking portal/system then there are plenty of options. But if we want to be able to track your fleet on the MAX admin page or on InControl. Now this would require the GPS being integrated in the MAX which isn’t possible with the MAX 700 because the GPS receiver is built with the embedded modem.


Thanks Kurt, i have started to look into external options for this one.


This is actually the same thing I came here for today. I’m using a MAX700 with 3 UML290 modems. Is there any way for the MAX700 to view the GPS location data from the UML290? This certainly doesn’t need to be quick, maybe pulled every few minutes, or at an interval the user could specify. Essentially I would like to track the location of this device on a limited basis for security purposes. If need be, I can hook up this device with remote access for you if it would help to figure this out.

Thank you!