MAX 600 modem support

Are the USB-modem compatibility lists for currently supported products (e.g. MAX 700 and MAX OTG) also valid for older products such as the MAX 600?

(Was considering an upgrade to a newer LTE modem (Netgear Aircard 340U, 754S, or 779S) that is on the list, but I’m not sure if the list also applies to legacy products.)


The modem compatibility list does not apply to legacy products. There’s a chance it would work but I really doubt it. Thanks.

Tim–thanks for that superfast reply.

Is there a modem compatibility list for the MAX 600? I’ve looked high and low and can’t seem to dredge one up anywhere. I guess mainly I’m curious about the Netgear Aircard 340U, 754S, or 779S.

As mentioned by Tim, the modem compatibility list does not apply to legacy products. I suggest refreshing your hardware. Else you may give a try the modems with Max600, Aircard 340U may work since it was an older USB modem.

Tim and TK:

I think I understand the part about the current modem compatibility list–the MAX 600 is a legacy product so it won’t follow the most recent compatibility list. But surely somewhere in the Peplink archives, there must be a list (document or something) that lists the modem comptabilities for the MAX 600 (back in the day when the MAX 600 was the most current model). I hate to try-and-buy several modems in order to find one that works (especially if Peplink has a list somewhere; I’ve looked, but I can’t find one).


May I know which firmware version you are using now?



  1. Please check the Modem Support Version via Status > Device > Modem Support Version at Max600.

  2. Then you can check the supported modems with your Modem Support Version at