Many Doubts

I am very interested in Peplink, but I have some doubts, can you help me? because I looked in the manuals and do not speak up is specifically for what I want.

I have 2 Broadband Fiber (IpFixo both) that connect via PPPOE.
In one band, my server is where all my friends already know and access the IP, however, I am getting many attacks that IP. Peplink would add the two bands and split the attack between the two to minimize the effect of the attack?
Understand that only 1 of the IP’s will continue to be released, but the other would continue working as “anonymous.” Is that possible?
They would add the bandwidth but still see the same IP number?

Another thing … says the Peplink comes with Firewall, but this is configurable Firewall? Because I entered the WEB ADMIN you and did not see any configuration option for this Firewall.

As this costing the simplest model, because only use two WAN and 3 micros internal (LAN)?

I use my computer for online games, such as Counter Strike, Team Fortess 2, etc …
My bandwidth stand usually when we do not have attacks.
The only thing that is holding the attacks, is the IPTABLES, but some attacks can not stand it.

In the same IP, I can open more than one SSH port, because in here use a micro port 22 and the other as 22,004, but both on the same IP, it allows this?

Thank you, sorry my bad english.

Hi Bruno, the Peplink Balance is not designed to thwart attacks on your IP address.

When I buy the B380 do I automatically get to request this of support or will I need to take out a support contract to be able to make use of a support ticket?


If you have one of our products you will be able to to receive technical support without additional costs.
-NOTE: If bought through one of our re-sellers they would be the first point of contact. For general questions feel free to post on our forum :slight_smile: