Manual WAN selection, default WAN state disconnected?

I have a Balance 710 and I am using 6 of the 7 WANs for different internet sources. I have backup priority groups on. I can manually disconnect each of my WAN ports, which then state “disconnected (Manual)”, but when the Peplink has a power cycle the Peplink wants to come back will all WANs connected. Is there a way that the Peplink can remember the last state of the WAN or have all the WANs default to a disconnected state after a power loss? I want to force the user to make a decision on what WAN will be selected for use and not have the Peplink try to automatically connect and route through any of the WANs.

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Hello @Matt_L,
There is no current way that we are aware of that will at power on or system restart place all of the WANs into a disconnected state.
There though a way to have the last operational state restored.

Firstly it is worth noting that the option you are using to “Disconnect” the WAN is meant as a diagnostic tool and not as an operational tool. We understand many may use the feature the way you have been though as it is for diagnostics, that is why the systems stored configuration will take precedence on a restart.

To make the disconnect persistent, you need to change the WAN configuration setting. On a Peplink Balance router, select:

  • the “Network” menu (across the top)
  • the “WAN” menu (on the left)
  • choosing the WAN that you want to disable
  • once this is open, untick the “Enable” box
  • press “Save” at the bottom of the WAN config page
  • press “Apply changes” at the top right of the router web admin

There are other ways you can explore achieving what you need, such as by utilising the available Peplink APIs.

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