Managing sim groups for pepvpn


We have an HD4 with 4 sims, 2 on provider A and 2 on provider B. Provider A has strong signal in our area, provider B has weak signal.

Provider A:


Provider B:


throughput tests (only 3 sims during this test - green is provider A, purple and blue provider B):

All 4 antennas are the same, Larsen Panther. The cables are long-ish (20 feet) but we replaced them with LMR-400. That helped the connection at least be stable, but still the signal is pretty weak from Provider B.

There are some geographical areas where Provider B has good signal strength, just not in the area of interest.

  1. Is there anything else I can do to help increase the signal, or is it acceptable?

  2. I’m doing a pepvpn across these links to a balance 20 in a datacenter, what is the best way to group the sims? Each provider in a priority group, or one sim from each provider, or all 4 in the first priority?

  3. The clients behind the HD4 are domain joined to the DC through the vpn. But the pepvpn is not set to forward all traffic. Am I correct in understanding that client connections to internet endpoints are routed over one of the sim connections, and not automatically over the pepvpn? If all 4 sims are connected and in the same priority group, what inputs factor into which sim will be used?

  4. We have a few voip phones behind the HD4 that are registered to an internet pbx. This seems to work without any configuration changes from default. Would it be wise to forward this traffic through the pepvpn?

  5. We are getting 20-25Mbps total up and down across the vpn. But if I test just one sim on its own, it gets the same. Is this operating as expected? Was hoping for at least a bit of a speed boost with multiple sims.

  6. During the upload throughput tests, Provider B’s latency goes past 3 seconds, while Provider A stays relatively low. What can be done to improve that?