Managing customer devices via InControl

How are folks managing customer devices via InControl? I have about 50 customers who are interested in remote configuration services both for initial setup, as well as ongoing tweaks and updates. I do not want to add their devices to my company InControl, and wonder if there is a more elegant way to do this.

I could set each of them up with their own InControl setup with them being an administrator, and have them invite me as an admin or different level as well, but many of these folks are non-technical, and just getting them to connect the device to InControl can take a while, let alone setting it up, adding me, etc.

Has anyone found a good way to do this, or is there something I’m missing already in InControl that resellers or other folks are using?

Create a new organization and create distinct groups within that representing each client? This way you don’t clutter your main organization with 50+ client groups.

Within each client group, you can grant access using variety of roles to each client for designated personnel.


Pretty powerful. I guess you’d be charging a monthly fee (at least to cover the cost of inControl licenses for each client device)…

You lose the bulk management features if you end up having them host their own inControl and inviting you as guest admin etc…

This is the right approach. Then invite the customer to their own group if they want access.
It also means you can host fusionhubs in a group only you have access to but you can create vpn profiles at an org level if you want to upsell Speedfusion bonding or remote access services to onboard systems…