LTE bandwith allowance monitor - how to reset counter


do you have details how the counter works? I’mean if enable the “Bandwith allowance monitor” feature today, is it consider the past traffic?
There any way to reset the bw counter?
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The counter will not include the pass traffics. The counter will only start after you have enable the “Bandwith allowance monitor” settings.

The counter will be reset when a new billing cycle starts. This is define at the “Bandwith allowance monitor” settings. For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot.

Thank You

Thank you.

Hello, there is the way to manual reset the counter and see the current counter status?



I would like to correct the information given as above. The counter will include the pass traffics. When “Bandwidth allowance monitor” option is not enabled, bandwidth usage of each month is still being tracked but no action will be taken.

For Example:

Before “Bandwidth allowance monitor” enable:
Bandwidth usage 8.5GB

Enabling “Bandwidth allowance monitor” with the below settings:
Start day : 7th of each month
Monthly Allowance: 7GB
Action : Disconnect when usage hits 100%

After enabled the “Bandwidth allowance monitor”:
WAN will immediate Diconnected as the usage exceeded the allowed 7GB. It will not resume unless this option has been turned off or the usage has been reset when a new billing cycle starts (Start day).

Bandwidth usage info can be get from the Bandwidth Hourly/Daily/Monthly reports:
For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot

Thank You

Tanks for response. There is no way to reset the counter?

We have a problem with our customer that has change the SIM and can not properly set the bandwidth management because the counter counted the old traffic.


Our Bandwidth Allowance calculation was designed for SIM slot, not for SIM card. Anyway, we will enhance the Bandwidth Allowance in future firmware release.

Below is the workaround:-

  1. Put the new SIM card and enable the Monthly Allowance on the same day.
  2. Configure the Monthly Allowance to match with the remaining quota in the new SIM card. You may check the remaining quota with ISP.
  3. When reached to the actual date of billy cycle, reset the Start Day and Monthly Allowance.

Hope this help.

Hi, yes i use the workaround.

If you work to enhance the Bandwidth Allowance, a good thing is the possibility to set a daily allowance. For example in Italy there is a ISP that offer a data plan with 1 Gb per day.



Thanks for the suggestion. I will take into the consideration!

I would also love to see a counter that has a configurable reset interval. We have an ISP that give 5GB per day. It would be great if we could use that and when that is done fall back to an ADSL that is slow but has no limits.

@Peplink, Hello, I see this feature has been asked for multiple times, and was stated to be in the firmware development plan. Yet it is not in v7.0.1.

When might we expect to see this feature ? Without it, it’s requiring a lot of manual checking on my part, and sometimes lost money/credit. I buy 24 hour passes and want to make sure I don’t go over, but there is no easy way to do this without manually resetting the meter, as the firmware is clearly only designed for monthly calculations.

Is there a command I can issue to reset the bandwidth allowance monitor back to zero ?

FYI, in firmware 7.0.1, The word “Allowance” in the Monthly Allowance" title is misspelled. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help you can offer.