LTE-A Speeds On AT&T


Just wondering what some people are seeing in terms of peak download uploads speeds in the real world with the Peplink LTE-A radios vs the non A radios on AT&T network here in the Continental US?

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LTE-A (cat 18] on AT&T.
Your mileage will vary based on your local cell towers.

Here on a regular LTE at a …
15mhz channel I get about 20-30mbps
10mhz channel I get about 10-19mbps


Although there are significant differences between LTE and LTEA radios modems, the areas in which we mostly work mostly reveal little difference in performance. This is owing to the “thinness” of AT&T’s network more than to the routers. When we see 20/8 or so that’s screamin’ fast. We’ve seen 3X that – but only in population centers. So, this is a serious case of “YMMV.” :smile:

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