Lost Speed Fusion License Key


I have a Pepwave HD4 rack mounted that I ship around the country. Fedex has recently lost it and I am unsure they will find it.

On the device I have a speedfusion license loaded.

When I replace the device how do I go about moving the license?



Ouch. I’m so sorry.
I assume that’s an enhance SpeedFusion peer count feature key license or something as SpeedFusion comes with the HD4 out of the box?

Feature licenses are normally tied to the physical device they are applied to (you can’t remove a feature key license) so migration of feature licenses is not normally allowed / supported.

I would email your primary Peplink contact and ask nicely to see if they would make an exception in this case / or provide a discount for a new license for your replacement HD4. Otherwise you should be looking at recovering the hardware + additional license costs from your insurance provider.

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It was an additional license key I purchased separately.

MFA-HD4-LC-SF (Speedfusion Bonding License Key for MAX HD4 with MediaFast)



Ah yes the HD4 mediafast is peculiar you’re right - SF is an Feature addon for it. Same thing though - the licenses are not typically transferable, but ask as in my experience Peplink are generally very helpful in that respect.

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Awesome, thanks!