Lost of RAN access in MAX HD2


We are using MAX HD2 with 2 SIMs, one in each RAN interface, with roaming activated. We are able to work normally switching between home and roaming seamesly, but at some point we lost the radio and the only way to recover is send someone and reset the radio (kind of plane mode on/off), and start working immediately.

It is very inconvenient to send someone every time this happen, there is some way we can do remotely? Obviously when this happen data access is not working, we can operate remotely with SMS or we can have kind of emergency SIM with another company that allows access.

The idea is we can not connect this emergency SIM can be used, to access remotely, my understanding is there is 2 SIM slots for every RAN interface.

On the other hand, this emergency SIM we need to configure in such a way that user can not use to avoid exhaust the data.

Eventually, I guess power cycle will do the same effect that plane mode, but does not sound very professional to ask the customer to power cycle.

Any suggestion are welcome.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Reset the cellular module you mean? The HD2 has two cellular modems - do both go offline? If one modem stays connected then you can use remote web admin in InControl to remotely access the device and manually reset the cellular module.

Or if you enable it, you can send a SMS command (<password>;cellreset;cell1;) to reset a module.

It would be good to understand why you lose it though. I’d recommend getting a diagnostic file from the device (before you reset / reboot it) and logging it with engineering for review.


Thx for the reply, The router is in a place with little coverage and weather conditions may affect, that why it swing from Home to roaming network, and for the porpoise of redundancy we use both modems. eventually both lost the connexion about the same time, within minutes of difference and was trying to get IP address for ever, what we se is when restarting the RAN module (plane mode on/off equivalent in a cell phone) it seems to recover.

The location is very far away and sending people every time is quite of complicated an time consuming.

I’ll very interested in the SMS mode you mentioned, can you provided detailed info on how to enable and format of the commands, or documentation explaining the procedures.

Really appreciated.


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The reference pdf is on that link above.

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