Losing Video Packets - Speed Fusion - MAX-BR1-MINI-LTEA-W-T


I am experimenting with doing some days of work in my RV. My company uses Google Meets for video meetings.

During my first trial I would have some pixelation and/or lost sound 3-4 times every 30 minute meeting. I know this is “picky”, but I was expecting to have no loss if I had two strong connections routing over SpeedFusion. Here is my base setup - can anyone comment if I should change any settings, etc or what might be going on?

Pepwave Unit: MAX-BR1-MINI-LTEA-W-T w/ WAN software routing upgrade. All Firmware upgrades applied.
Connection 1: Starlink - regular service (not RV service) set to a service address where I was (so I was not deprioritized) - I had 0 obstructions noted over 24 hours.
Connection 2: Visible unlimited data w/ TTL set to 64 - I am slightly deprioritized on the Verizon network but my signal was very strong (RSRP was -45 on both the A & B Connection). When I ran speed tests on the connection I typically got 50 down / 50 up with very low latency. I could physically see the tower from where I was!

Other Facts:

  • Starlink was hard wired into the MAX-BR1-MINI
  • My computer was connected via Ethernet to the MAX-BR1-MIN
  • I had WAN Smoothing set to normal and FEC set to low and both connections set to priority 1

My computer IP was set to route all traffic over Speed Fusion. I was not out of SpeedFusion data and have plenty remaining. I also turned on all optimization routines (out of box) including Google Suite, etc.

I was using all normal settings and haven’t adjusted anything beyond creating the Speed Fusion Tunnel and routing traffic over it.

Any ideas what I should do differently?