Losing LAN and WAN on Balance One

Peplink Balance One (14D3) w/
Firmware: 7.0.2 build 3155
WAN 1: Verizon LTE
WAN 2: Telecom DSL
Load Balancing on Outbound 10:1

Starting two days ago, I’m losing access to the LAN port ( by wired and wireless connections and INControl2 is showing device offline from the outside.

Status LED is still green, Wi-Fi is green. Comm LEDs on individual ethernet ports still blinking.

Recycling the power restores operation for a few hours, sometimes 1 hour sometimes 5 hrs. I’ve poked around the forum a bit, but nothing really stood out.

Device reports just show the device is offline…No new configurations were changed in the last few weeks until this problem showed up.

I’ve tried:

  1. Changed MTU to auto on the WANs from 1440.
  2. Was running 7.01 firmware, upgraded to 7.02…still loses connectivity.
  3. Set LAN to and back to
  4. Set all INBOUND connections to block (thinking someone messing with the ports that are mapped).

Still under warranty til 2019.

The lab rats are getting restless, please help.


Please open ticket for us to investigate.


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I’ve had this issue on the Balance One units. They would quit passing traffic, and my wifi SSIDs were no longer visible. A reboot would clear the issue for short periods. The devices seemed quite warm, almost hot to the touch. We realized that when we had other network devices stacked on the Balance One that we experienced what we believed to be overheating. Now we keep other items from beneath and on top of the router and don’t experience that issue much anymore. Something to look at and eliminate perhaps.

Tech support has contacted me and informed me this issue is specific to the Balance One hardware I have, where the unit locks up or reboots as it seems to try and use the WiFi as a WAN connection when it’s not setup too. They’ve had me check the temperature of the unit and whether there is anything sitting on the unit, as you mention. I was also provided a custom firmware for the unit which still did not help.

Presently, by turning off the integrated wifi, and only using my remote AP the unit is stable again overnight. My reseller is still working with me and Peplink and the support has been excellent thus far.


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