Looking to conserve metered failover WAN

My Surf SOHO uses two WANs: priority 1 is an unmetered ISP, and priority 2 is a metered cellular service. The redundancy is because I work from home and need to get my work done even when the ISP is having a bad day. The cellular service is limited to 8 GB a month, which is more than enough to let me get my work done. However (and this has happened) if someone in the house happens to go on a YouTube binge when the ISP goes down, they can blow through the monthly allowance pretty fast. YouTube is the only bandwidth hog my family typically uses.

One solution would be to make YouTube available only via the ISP, not cellular. How would I do that? Or is there a better way that I should be considering?

Trying to solve my own matter, Outbound rule for youtube video suggests that I create enforced WAN1 outbound policy rules. The manual I have is for firmware 8.1.2 but I am on 8.1.3, so perhaps it is no surprise that I do not find outbound policy where the manual says. In Configuring Outbound Policy another user reports what I see, that under the top menu item “Advanced” there is no left menu entry “outbound policy”. I can get to the outbound policy pane by the direct URL but the pane is incomplete: there is no “add rule” button so cannot add an outbound policy, at least not here.

Am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there another way to ensure that YouTube is not available via the metered cellular service?

Additional information: I have a Surf Soho mk3. The unmetered ISP is connected to the Ethernet WAN port and is normally set to priority 1. The metered cellular service is connected to the USB port and is normally set to priority 2 in standby. Automatic failover is set up and works great.

If you have a Surf Soho, getting to Outbound Rules isn’t obvious. My memory (I’m not in front of Surf Soho) is that you go to the Advanced tab (as you show), then select “PepVPN” and enter Enter Expert mode to gain access to Outbound Rules.

FYI, originally the Surf Soho did not make Outbound Rules available to be configured. However, it was needed for PepVPN. So you can now configure Enforced and Priority rules, but not other types.

Success! Thank you @Mark9. Once I got to Outbound Rules per your good instructions and there followed the instructions at Outbound rule for youtube video, I now have:

  • YouTube is only available via the unmetered WAN
  • Everything else is available via any WAN