Looking for existing Verizon plans?

Looking for recommendations on an existing Verizon plan I can use with my new Peplink machine.

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Can you tell us what you mean by “existing” and have you contacted the Peplink Partner from whom you acquired the equipment? Many partners resell cel plans and/or are extremely knowledgeable about the alternatives.

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I was meaning current plans. I know a lot of people have grandfathered plans that are no longer available. I’m looking for current offerings that are available today.

Ahhh. OK. I’d start by asking the Peplink partner who sold the equipment. They’re likely to have insight into a good solution for you – or have a suitable plan available to sell. Failing that’d I’d visit a Verizon store – and I’d recommend a company-owned store unless you have a relationship elsewhere. I’ll also say that we’ve had better experience with VZW using business accounts than residential, although the former requires proof of incorporation (in our case it was a copy of the first three pages of our incorporation documents filed with the Secretary of State.)

Anyone have any thoughts for John?

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