Login to In Control2 ? (for firmware upgrade)

Hi all,

we bought and installed 580 years ago. We would like to upgrade firmware right now, but to do that, the appliance ask us a “unlock key” to unlock the new firmware.

When I try to connect to InControl2, password is not correct and reset password does nothing… (no mail received).

So, just to know :

  • is firmware upgrade free ? I think no, and that’s the reason why I need to log to InConnect
  • is InControl2 required ? Yes, if my previous point is right
  • HOW to really reset password ? Or check to which account/mail is linked the serial number of my hardware…

Thank you,

FW upgrade is free and you need to obtain the key from IC2. If you have a HW Rev1 device then you will only be able to upgrade to 6.3.4.

For the password issue you will need to open a support ticket with us so that we can confirm you are the rightful owner of the device: https://contact.peplink.com/secure/create-support-ticket.html

If he’s out of warranty then he won’t be able to use IC2 so in that case he needs to pay to renew warranty or get IC2 active

Incorrect. You can still add an out-of-warranty device to IC2 and see the firmware unlock key. You just won’t be able to manage the device unless it is under warranty.