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I have a Max BR1 MK2 in my travel trailer and it works great most of the time. More and more RV parks are moving to third-party wifi providers and this requires a user name and password to be entered on a splash page that comes up when you select the SSID.
Is there a way to access the splash page from the Web Admin console and enter both the user name and pw to allow the Max BR1 MK2 to use this network?

This would be a HUGE help since Airstream went with Pepwave too and I know many people that have this issue.

Thank you - Brian

Hi @Brian_Lewis,

This may be possible, there are a couple of answers that offer potential solutions - but please take note of the warnings that @mldowling has made in his response to a similar request > Here <

There is a similar response from @MartinLangmaid > Here <

I hope this helps,


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thank you - I will check it out - also, thanks for pointing out the warning.


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