Login/pswd on bottom of Surf SOHO Mk3

I have configured my Surf SOHO and am using it. I notice that printed on the bottom of my Surf SOHO MK3 (which I like very much BTW) is a login and password. What is this for?

Hi Stephen. That address (default is for the SOHO) and the user/password combination will get you to the graphical user interface (GUI) which you’ll want to access to configure the router. While it will work “out of the box” there is considerable power that can really only be realized with some configuration.

If you have not done so, you may wish to download the manual here.

Rick-DC I have everything configured now. The AP password on the bottom was what I was confused about and I have that straight now. The admin / admin was changed right away along with nearly everything else. And when I set up WIFI (which in my case hardly ever gets used) I unknowingly did away with the AP password to. Thanks for the quick reply.

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