Logging of 4G connection details in Peplink BR1

I’m looking to log the 4G connection details (gobi_band_signal has_info) in “Connection details” for the two 4G-connections on my Peplink BR1 containing at least the LTE Band, RSSI, SINR, RSRP and RSRQ against time. At least hourly sampling, but preferably even more frequent.

Can I collect those data from the Router database as is for a certain time span or will I have to collect them real time and store them separately? If so; what would be the easiest automatic harvest tool?

Thanks alot!

Alternativly I could utilize the daily_table for Daily usage for that specific connection, as if would be an in practice utilization of the connection at the current time - but it obviously demands continuous full bandwidth request. As a quality control measure I would love to incorporate those data to the 4G connection statistics that I requested in the post above though!

What you want are the WAN quality reports which is a very nice feature in InControl2. Checkout this video