Local DNS on SOHO MK3


I would like to resolve a custom hostname to a local IP address.

I’ve tried adding the following to Local DNS Records under Network->LAN->DNS Proxy Settings:
Host name: serve.local
IP address:

However, ping on a connected host does not resolve the IP address.

In case it matters: under WAN connection settings I have assigned to DNS Server 1, and to DNS Server 2 and unchecked “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.

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You need to make sure the client devices is using SOHO MK3 LAN IP as DNS server in-order the Local DNS Records to work.


Thank you for the response! Unfortunately I do not seem to be setting the DNS server correctly.

I tried setting the DNS server on the LAN (specifically a VLAN) side to the router address on this VLAN, specified in Network->LAN->IP
Server 1:
Server 2:

On the WAN side I left them at

However, the name is still not resolved (from a computer with IP

Help is most appreciated!


I am having the same problem
local DNS records are not resolving at all, whether the entry specifies an internal ip on the LAN or a known external ip address