Lobby Administrator for IC2 CP and ticket

Dear support, our customer ask us if It is possible to introduce a Lobby Administrator for CP of IC2, to manage only the User account and token ?
In addition, the same customer asks us to print a navigation ticket to be provided to guest accounts ?


“Lobby Administrator” should be the name use for Cisco for CP. Can you provide details info what are the actual feature that they are looking at ?

Regarding to the ticket printing what are the things that you need IC2 to offer ?

Hi Sitloongs, my customer need a capitve portal user role, such as (Lobby Administrator for Cisco CP) Which it can create or delete the username,password quota ecc, but It can not change the other parameters of the Captive Portal. This is because creating guest accounts or tokens would be managed by the reception, this people are NO Information technology USER .

Regarding to ticket printing, my customer want a page that after the user is created, there is a possibility to print a page such as the attached screen

Schermata del 2017-08-21 12:56:57

Where instead of the Peplink logo will be the customer’s name, and in the username and password fields will clear the credentials for each created user

I hope I explained myself


Do you have more info for the customer base/industry that require such feature ?

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my customer is pharma industry, The captive portal would be used for guests who are present within the company . In this moment my customer use a CP ZeroTruth and would like to replace it with IC2 CP .


Hi Sit Loongs, do you have any news about if you can implement this function on incontrol ?


Please stay tuned and Engineering team is considering the request.

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OK thanks.

@antonio You’re not the first customer who requests for this feature. This does make sense. We have put your suggestion to our roadmap. We target to release this feature in Q1, 2018.

We tentatively call this kind of user as Captive Portal Guest Manager. They will only be able to manage a specific captive portal’s guest accounts and/or tokens. A user could be an administrator of multiple captive portals.


Hi Micheal, nice news thanks you :smiley::smiley::smiley: