Loadbalancing and Voip with Balance 305

Hello Together,

i am using a Peplink Balance 305 HW2 with 2 ISP in Loadbalancing. I have a problem with my Voip Telephone System Brand: Auerswald.

I have set 2 outbound Policys because the Voip System has 2 Lan Ports. The Policys are attached. I have fixed in the Policy that he use Priority Algorithm.

The Problem is sometimes the the Voip Module is using the ISP 1 and in the same time the other Lan Port from the Voip Modul is Using ISP 2. I see this in the Active Sessions.

Then Voip is not working because i can not heare something if i speak with someone.

I suggest you check the box Terminate sessions on link recovery. The way you are set now, if a session moves to the other WAN for whatever reason, it will stay on the wrong LAN until the session ends. That might never happen. That could account for the intermittent nature of your problem.

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