Load Balance two BGP links with AS number


I need someone help me to identify if it is possible to load balance two BGP 20Mbps links with an AS number using Peplink ?
is this scenario supported ? if yes , Peplink should be behind the Cisco routers or on the front ?? how to route the 4 IP classes on these two BGP links ?:confused::confused:


Peplink doesn’t support BGP. In fact this is the best part - Peplink doesn’t need BGP for load balancing saving you all the hassles that comes with BGP.

Hi Kurt ,

Thanks for your reply,
Yes , you’re right , the best part is that Peplink doesn’t need BGP, but if by chance we had a customer who has two BGP links with AS number , Is it possible to load balance them using Peplink after the links comes out from the Cisco routers ?


Peplink will be able to send traffic according to its outbound policy to the Cisco routers as if they were conventional Internet links without BGP. If this is what we are asking Peplink to do, and that your Cisco boxes will take care of the rest, then I don’t see why not.