Link Quality vs. Connectivity

Dear Guys, Checking the link quality is as important as it’s connectivity. a connected WAN link with ping times more than 700~800 ms is better to be disconnected. as a network administrator it would be great if Peplink could give more information regarding the quality of the WAN links on the dashboard. there could be some margin configuration for good / so so / bad response times by the network admin decision. also it could be configured to check the quality to custom destinations. Sometimes WAN links are connected but it has very high ping times or packet lost. at this situations, user should manually check the links quality one by one. I’ve created a sample picture (attached) to better show that what we are looking for. hope it could be a feature request on your firmware road map. Thanks and Regards.

Hi Hootan,

Thanks for the suggestion and illustration to help understand what you are describing. We’re constantly looking for feedback from everybody to make the Balance even better. We will consider your requests for the GUI refinement with the Engineering Team and if can be implemented with a future firmware update, we’ll make sure to get the word out.

Thanks again for your suggestion, it is appreciated!