Link Problem in SpeedFusion

We recently deployed a Balance 710 in a 6 bonded DSL configuration. The application was point to point bonding of SIP VOIP traffic. The customer was experiencing drop packets, jitter and very poor quality voice calls. The diagnostics on this was very long eliminating common issues on equipment and handsets. By chance the clients IP manager stated he had not checked the dsl links for quality issues. On an individual check of each link through the speedfusion vpn it was noted link 4 was delivering 50% packet loss and was performing at half the speed. My understanding is each link is monitored and if poor quality, latency or packet loss that traffic is sent via a different link in the speedfusion circuit. My questions are is why did the Peplink not pick this us, what diagnostics could we have used to find the quality of the link if present today and if not is there a roadmap feature to deliver quality statistics on each speedfusion circuit to ascertain the quality measurements automatically.

SpeedFusion will monitor each WAN circuit for packet loss and latency and automatically stop using it if either gets too high. As these conditions can change very rapidly, it can mean that the flaky circuit can go in and out of the SpeedFusion tunnel a lot.

It is recommended to lower the priority of this connection within the SpeedFusion profile. That way it is still active but will not route traffic unless the higher priority connections fail.

On the SpeedFusion status page you can click on the graph and get a detailed view of each WAN connections latency and packet drop rate, making it easy to spot a link with quality issues.