Limit PPTP Access By Country

hi Peplink team,

Does peplink able to limit the dial in access by country IP?
Because recently our client notice that there is some attacker try to PPTP to their peplink, but luckily the authentication is not able to go thru. So we are thinking whether can limit or allow certain location of public IP to dial in the PPTP?
Just thinking how to have another layer of security in order to hardening the access.

PPTP: fhwq/ Authentication failed

We can’t limit based on country IP.
However, if PPTP is becoming a risk for your client, perhaps you can try recommending L2TP instead, which is also supported on our device.

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hi sir, in this case the client setup will be using the same way like PPTP or need to install another client?

If you’re using Windows, the method is similar to PPTP, just that your VPN type will be L2TP with pre-shared key instead. The ports to forward will be UDP 500 and 4500 instead of TCP 1723.

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hi sir, noted manage to figure out that. thanks a lot