Limit bandwidth by vlan


Is it possible to limit the bandwidth use of the Soho surf by vlan or mac address, basically I want to limit the impact of netflix viewing on one device impacting other devices?


Unfortunately, all of the bandwith shaping features are not available on the SOHO. Balance 20 would be the model that you will want to look at as an alternative. It is a great little router with a ton of features.

The impact of one user doing a large download or stream should be much less on a Peplink router compared to other routers. There is a configuration option about this (I forget the name) and it is on by default. Basically, this option prevents the entire network from being ground to a halt by a single high bandwidth user.

@bob, @Michael234 is this feature specific to the SOHO? Or is it something baked into all of the PepLink products?

I think this is referring to a Qos feature called User Groups. Unfortunately, this is not available in Soho router. This is supported on Balance 20 and above.


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Thanks for confirming, that is disappointing but I guess I will have to accpet it or change the router.