Lease time is a pain

Hello and Good Day to All
Surf soho MK3 with latest firmware. What’s the best setting for lease time?
I have a Dish hopper 3 that’s always renewing it’s lease time. And some other devices do it also. I have the lease time set for seven days. All devices have a assigned IP. The reason for complaining about this is the log list gets out of hand.
How do I do away with lease time.

Thank You

depends on what you want to achieve.

Seven days?! Why not just assign static IPs and be done with it?


You could turn off DHCP logging.
7 Days seams like too long.
I would recommend going with static IP address for the devices that are commonly connected to your network. Makes it much easier when you are looking at things.


Thank You for the reply ML and GNO-2014
All devices have set IP address. What am I doing wrong?

I got it now. I didn’t realize to just uncheck the DHCP sever box.
I feel kinda dumb now.:confused:


Don’t - everything is easy once you know how :wink: