Layer 2 Bridging with multi VLAN ID

Hi Team,

Is it possible to have a Speedfusion Layer 2 bridging with 8 or 10 VLAN ID on the tunnel? The idea is to transport different VLANs (VOIP, video, management,…) on the LAN to LAN tunnel (using ADSL connection on remote site and Fibre on Datacenter).

Thank you in advance for you r help.


Hi BR,

We do support one Vlan for a Layer 2 tunnel at the moment.

I will move your post to Features Request.

Ok thank you. Is it a frequent request?
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I believe your request was misunderstood by TK Liew, please verify the scenario below:
Site A: you have 5 VLans, 100,200,300,400,500
Site B: you have 3 Vlans , 100,200,300
You can create a Layer 2 Speedfusion (you need one peplink device per location) and from there you can pass all your VLANs so your two sites will communicate with each other.
You can use WAN1 for the ADSL connection and WAN2 for your fiber. You can load balance your connections for high availability or throughput.

Please confirm that this is the scenario you are looking for and let us know for more details. Note that when selecting devices take a look at the Speedfusion throughput for each model.


Charris Lappas

Hi Charris,

Thanks to make this clearer. Look like I have misunderstood the request.

Hi Seyaba,

If you define Vlan 100 on your SpeedFusion profile then then tunnel will carry Vlan 100 only. If you define No Vlan (v6.1.2 and below) in SpeedFusion profile or Untagged Vlan (v6.2) for SpeedFusion profile then tunnel will carry multiple Vlans.

Hope this help.

Hi Charris,

The request is:
Site A: 8 or 5 VLANs 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 with 1 Fiber (Datacenter)
Site B: No VLANs. with 2 ADSL (remote site)
Using the SpeedFusion to mount the tunnel and transport all VLANs from the Dtacenter (Site A) to the Site B.
I don’t know if I am clear?
Best regards.